This little light of mine….

This year was Jack and Lucy’s first year at VBS! They were both finally old enough so every day for a week we loaded up the car and headed off to VBS to learn more about Jesus. I volunteered to head up decorations along with being a 3 year old class Shepard. We have 400 kiddos attend our VBS which is an awesome site in itself but this year I was in complete awe of how much my 3 and 4 year old absorbed. When the music began on the first morning Jack stood up and clapped (he’s not much of a singer) and Lucy was bopping around to the music trying to sing along right away (she’s my little Broadway star in the making). Some of the songs we learned this year was a modernized version of “This Little Light of Mine” and “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus.” 

Lucy loved the music… Look at that smile!!!

Of course during the course of VBS I bought the music CD so we could continue the musical adventure in the car. The CD hasn’t left my CD player because the kids love the music so much. During the week I had a chance to watch as my kiddos began to learn the message within these fun songs. Lucy had all of the words down by the end of the week but Jack still wasn’t really singing them. 

Last week in the car while listening to the CD for the one millionth time I heard a new voice join in the singing…. it was Jack! He knew all of the words but he didn’t want to sing until he was sure of them. Listening to both of my kids singing “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus” made my mommy heart melt and I had a mommy meltdown moment. Tears of joy were streaming down my face as we were driving to our destination for the day. 
It is obvious these days that the kids are picking up so many things from Chad and I. Sometimes they just come out of nowhere. Some of the things they are picking up aren’t our best traits. Lucy is picking up some habits from me that I wish she wouldn’t have. She is extremely stubborn and strong-willed which while it could be a good thing, it doesn’t always manifest as a good thing. Jack has a short fuse like me as well… getting angry easily. However they are picking up good things as well! Lucy has such a good heart and has a heart for people. She gets so excited about building relationships with people. She also loves singing and dancing which makes me so excited about possibly doing theater with her someday. Jack is very compassionate for things – he is so tender with his stuffed animals. He also has such a large imagination and isn’t afraid to be creative.  
As I was driving and crying I began to think about our legacies. I am glad they are picking up good traits from us but the number one thing I hope to instill in both kids is a love for Jesus that surpasses all other things. I want them to have a relationship with Him that is so deep and evident.  
When I thought about Jack just starting to sing the words when he was sure of them it made me think that maybe that is how it will be about his relationship with Jesus. It may not be something that is immediate but something that he will have to become sure about. Even though I hope it is soon as possible maybe it is something that will need to take time. That way when he does choose to follow Jesus it will be a lifelong commitment. That is what I have prayed for since the day he was born….and will continue to do so until he chooses Jesus for himself! 


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