A Day to Honor All Mothers….

This coming Sunday we celebrate Mother’s Day…. but not every mother celebrates the same. As we approach this holiday please embrace it with some sensitivity. Not all mothers choose to celebrate in a big way because there are painful memories attached to it. Instead of questioning why or making her feel guilty because she isn’t celebrating with joy… just accept her wishes and support her in the way she needs. 

Be sensitive to the moms that have lost a child. So many women/mothers I know have lost a child too early and are grieving that moment. They see their faces or can feel their kicks from their womb. Some mothers got to spend years with their deceased child while others only moments. Please be sensitive to their hearts on this day. Remember even if they are celebrating their other children the child they lost is on their hearts and minds especially on this day. 

Be sensitive to the moms that are waiting to become a mom. As a mom who struggled with infertility I know that Mother’s Day was just another reminder that I wasn’t a mom yet. It was a difficult day because I was always wondering if I would be able to celebrate AS a mom. For so many of my friends getting pregnant was so easy, but for others of us it wasn’t an easy journey. Many times it ended in a negative pregnancy test in the bathroom where we felt alone and like a failure. So pray for these mothers…. that they have a peace in their hearts on Sunday. Pray for the children they may someday adopt or foster. Pray for the children they may bear into this world when God’s will says it’s time! Pray for the women who will be called into children’s ministry to touch hundreds of children’s’ lives even if they aren’t their own. 

Be sensitive to the moms who have had to say good bye to their mother until they reach Heaven. This one is very true for me. It’s been 17 years since I have lost my mom but each Mother’s Day is still so very difficult. Mother’s Day was the last holiday I celebrated with her before she went into the hospital for the last time the following week. The week after Mother’s Day my mom went to Heaven and I became a very lost 17 year old who missed her mother incredibly.
I thought that after I became a mother the day might take on a new meaning and I might even enjoy it. But even though I smile for my kiddos and love their celebration of me as their mom…. it’s still a sad day to me. Followed by a hard week remembering losing my mom and all that it entailed. So please be mindful of these women who have lost their moms and are remembering them on this day. 

Be sensitive to the moms who have children/spouses in the military serving our country. Pray that these moms have a peace on this day knowing that their children are serving their country with pride and honor. Pray for the phone calls that are made from military bases back home… pray the time is well spent in conversation and connections remain strong. Pray for the children who are missing their military mommies. Allow their letters and packages to arrive safely to their moms. 

As we approach any holiday we need to be mindful that not all holidays are a joyful time for everyone. That doesn’t mean the person is hard-hearted or cold to the world. It means there is something deeper that we can’t see. Everyone is dealing with their own internal battles and we can just continue to love people and meet them where they are at. Time can heal….but our hearts never forget our mommas.