It’s about Corn and Christianity!

3 years ago Chad and I moved our family to his grandfather’s house in the country. We had spent several months renovating it and we finally moved in on a very wet, rainy day in October 2014. Before making this decision to move I had some reservations being a “wanna be city girl” about moving to the country. Being out of town surrounded by corn is a dream to many — but I wasn’t sure at first if it was for me. However I don’t know if I could do it any other way now! I have also begun to look at things differently…. like farming and faith! 

Every other year we have a backyard surrounded by fields of corn and on the off years they are full of soybeans. But this is a corn year! I love the corn because it is beautiful to watch as it grows into its final product tall and strong. 

Out here in the country it is almost always windy to some degree. This summer has been particularly windy when the storms have blown through. After our last storm the corn was positioned sideways but not broken (thank goodness)! I watched in amazement as the corn began to teach me a wonderful lesson about my faith in God. 

As I watched the corn recover from that storm I began to see how we are like a stalk of corn. Many times storms of this life come along and try to break us completely taking the very life out of us. However check out how in these photos the corn didn’t break because it strong and held fast by its deep roots! The corn is bent but not broken. Sometimes we get slightly bend out of shape by the storms of life but we hold fast to our roots in our faith and it holds us strong. 

Are you bent out of shape from the storm? Holding fast to your roots?
Next I noticed that the corn began to bend up towards the sun. We too, like the corn, reach towards our Father God in Heaven. When we look up to Him we begin to take new shape and rise up to a new creation (one that is not perfect but has character and strength)!
Turn your face to the Son. Let Him lift you up out of the storm. 
Last I noticed not all of the corn was able to stand on it’s own. It was leaning on the other stalks of corn for support. Sometimes as we walk through storms of this life we need to lean on each other for support. That is where the church comes in. We are a family of faith — there to support those in need. Even after someone has gone through the storm we need to help and support them as they re-calibrate their life and reach towards the Son. 
We need to support each other through the storms. 

  • How have you been “bent out of shape” by the storms of this life? 
  • Did you reach up towards your Heavenly Father? How did He help strengthen you and stand you back up on your feet again?
  • Do you have a support system? Is it your church family? Your closest friends? Family? 


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