March 15, 2020 National Day of Prayer


As we come together as a nation for this National Day of Prayer, specifically to pray over those who have been diagnosed, are waiting testing, or are quarantined from COVID-19, let’s be specific as we come before the throne.

Take a moment to pause and pray:
🌎 For our world as we all come together to fight off this virus. Also pray for the world to turn to Jesus because He is our ultimate comforter, healer, and strength.
🇺🇸 For our government leaders: That they will make decisions based on wisdom and not fear. That they will also be able to protect our citizens as best they can.
⛪️ For our churches: as churches are closed to protect us from large gatherings of people, pray for the technology to be on their side as they are still continuing to try to preach the gospel and reach as many people with the word. Also pray that people continue to give their tithes and offerings so the church can continue to run.

🏥 For our healthcare facilities and hospitals: that they will be able to care for those that come through their doors and continue to find the stamina to keep going when they are tired. Pray that the supplies are plentiful and that we are able to meet the needs of all that come in need of care. This includes all medical personnel from the doctors, nurses, techs, and custodial staff.

🚑 🚔 🚒 For our paramedics, police force, and firemen: pray that they will continue to stay safe as they continue to do their jobs. They cannot work from home and will be on the front lines in many of these situations.

🍎 ✏️ For the schools: even though many of the schools are shut down continue to pray for those that are still providing educational opportunities for our students via e-learning. Pray for our administrators as they continue to make decisions through the closures. And pray for the students that do not have access to food and make sure they are provided for.

👧👦 For the kids across the nation: pray that kids everywhere have an understanding of what is going on and while it is serious they do not need to be afraid. Pray for those kids that are left in abusive situations and whose safe zone was the school. Please protect them while they don’t have a place to go that may be safe.
I’m sure there’s so many other things we could pray for but those are the ones that came to my heart this morning! Above all I am praying that even in the wake of these scary times, I am praying that all people get to know Jesus Christ who has been my rock and comforter during these uncertain times. I pray that they find him in the midst of these unsettled times and make a life-changing decision to follow him the rest of their days.



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